The final chapter of the "Harry Potter" film series begins as Harry, Ron and Hermione leave Hogwarts behind and set out to find and destroy the Horcruxes -- the secret to Voldemort's power and immortality.


Semenjak movie Avatar banyak movie sekarang yang dibuat dalam versi 3D. Kadang-kadang geram pulak macam mana diorang dok buat 3D tu. Jadi disebabkan geram tu jom kita cuba buat imej 3D kita sendiri. Korang cuma perlukan digital camera (handphone camera pon boleh), software (sudah semestinya Adobe Photoshop), dan juga tutorial berikut. (Credit to Operntutorial). Lupa pulak satu benda penting, cermin mata 3D. Cara nak buat cermin mata tu ada di sini.

Step 1 


Start out by picking a subject. People are a good place to begin because they tend to pop out in 3-D photos. Place the subject in a setting with a lot of angles and depth (not in front of a flat wall), and about 10 to 15 feet from the camera. Hold the camera steady by securing your elbows in your chest and snap a picture. Make sure your subject stays very still, then step just a tiny bit to the right, about the distance between your eyes or less, and take the same picture. When you slide over for the second shot, you -- and most importantly your camera -- should move in a parallel line.
Note: If Mars is your subject, the pictures have already been taken for you. Scan through the raw images on the JPL web site http://marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov and pick out left and right eye images for your favorite photo (only images taken by the rovers' navigation cameras, hazard-avoidance cameras and panoramic cameras come in pairs). The stereo images will look identical, but you can tell if an individual image is from the left or right camera eye by clicking on it and looking at the file name displayed in the web address bar. Left camera eye image file names will contain the letter "L" four characters in from the end, and right eye image file names will similarly carry an "R." Two raw image examples can be found at

Step 2

The next step involves transferring the images into photo-editing software. Any program will work as long it allows for red, blue and green color channels to be manipulated independently. The following instructions will refer to Adobe Photoshop. If your pictures are digital, just open them up in the software. If your pictures are hardcopies, transfer them to a computer using a scanner, or drop them off at a photo-developing store and ask for digital files (any file type will work).

Step 3

Once the left and right eye pictures are open, convert them both to grayscale by clicking on the 'Image' menu bar and selecting 'mode' then 'grayscale'. Next, assign the left eye image red, green and blue channels by going back to the 'Image' menu bar and selecting 'mode' then 'RGB' (the image will still appear gray). Do not repeat this step for the right eye image.

Step 4 


Now you are ready to merge the left and right images. To begin, make sure the left eye image is still selected. Open the channels display menu by clicking on the 'Window' menu bar and choosing 'channels.' Highlight the blue and green channels (press the shift key to highlight both at the same time). Important: only the blue and green channels should be shaded blue. At this stage it doesn't matter which boxes to the left of the channels show eyeballs (eyeballs indicate which channels are displayed). 

Step 5

Go back to the right eye image, select the whole thing (go to 'Select' menu bar, then press 'all') and copy it (go to 'Edit' menu bar, then press 'copy'). Switch back to the left eye image and paste (go to 'Edit' menu bar, then press 'paste'). Now, highlight the RGB color channel; an eyeball should appear in all four channel boxes. At this point, you should see a blurred red and blue picture.
An alternative to this step is to use only the blue channel instead of the blue and green when pasting into the left eye image.

Step 6


You are almost done. But first the left and right eye images need to be better aligned. Start by highlighting only the red channel in the channels display menu (it should be shaded blue). The next step is crucial because it allows the red-tinted picture to be shifted over while the blue-tinted picture is still visible. Go to the RGB channel and click only on the square box to the left. An eyeball should appear in all four boxes, but only the red channel should be shaded. Now pick a point in the center of the picture to match up; for example, if a person is your subject, eye pupils are a good target. Zoom in on the target by selecting the magnifying glass icon in the tool bar then click on the target until it appears fairly large.

Step 7 


Next, select the 'move' tool located in the upper right corner of the tool bar. Using the up and down arrow keys, slide the red-tinted image over until your target matches up and no longer shows any rings of color.

Step 8

Zoom back out. Objects toward the outside of your picture should still be haloed in red or blue. In other words, the overall goal in this step is to limit the colored tints as much as possible. To cut out excess red or blue at the far edges of your picture, crop it using the crop tool, also located in the tool bar (once you've outlined your picture with the tool, go to the 'Image' menu bar then press 'crop').
Your creation is ready to be viewed! Just don your paper glasses (the left eye should be tinted red) and watch the picture jump out at you from your monitor screen or a printed picture.




Nak tak ubah profile picture kat Facebook jadi macam gambar kat atas ni? Kalau nak jom ikut tutorial kat bawah ni:

Since French artist Alexandre Oudin took advantage of the new Facebook design to express himself, we’ve been seeing some creative ways to mess with your (and your friends’) profile pictures. As we predicted, Oudin’s hack has inspired other users to play around with their profile to pretty interesting effect. And for those of you that don’t want to trial and error around with the 532 px by 180 px and 97 by 68 px image limitations, photographer Florian Stravock has made the above Photoshop tutorial to help you perfectly execute on your super profile pic. Abridged steps, below:

1) Take a screenshot of your current Facebook page.
2) Create a new Photoshop doc.
3) Grab the Slice tool (same family as the Crop tool) and select around the pictures.
4) With the Marquee tool, select around the sliced areas.
5) Bring the image that you want on Facebook into Photoshop and position it roughly the way you want it.
6) Drag the image layer under the Facebook layer and refine your positioning.
7) Go to “File,” select “Save for web and devices,” select all your document area, click “Jpeg, set the quality to 100% and save. Under slices select “All user slices.”
8) Upload your pictures to Facebook and tag them from last to first. When you get to the first picture click “Make this my profile picture.”

You can download Stravock’s Photoshop document here. Don’t have Photoshop or too lazy to sit through a tutorial? TechCrunch reader Trevor Farbo has created a profile picture generator that allows you to get the same effect in half the time.

credit to: techcrunch

Yang ni pulak saya punya :)



Tak sangka ada pepsi timun kat atas muka bumi ni.. Macam mana agaknya rasa pepsi ni.. Kalau Dr. Rozmey buat air camni agak-agak laku tak?

Apa calpis tu?? Nanti google eh..


Kalau tadi calpis, yang ni pulak coolpis. Apa lah rasa air kimchee ni. Lepas ni boleh la buat air perisa rendang tok, masak lemak cili api, asam pedas.. hehe


Siapa punya susu la yang dia amek ni.. Euu..
Teringat masa kat sekolah menengah dulu ada member order susu cap gantung.. Hampeh betul..

Ada jugak orang nak minum cuka.


Selalu orang buat air lobak merah, air tomato. Yang ni air salad..


Sesiapa yang nak diet tu boleh la minum air ni.. Serupa air suling je kalau takda apa-apa kalori.


Serupa game la pulak. Kalau sape-sape punya HP atau MP rendah boleh la beli potion ni.




Kecik-kecik dah ajar budak minum beer. Special pulak tu. Ish ish ish...

IPAD 2 ?!?!

Harap tak terlambat untuk aku ucapkan salam Ma'al Hijrah 1432h buat semua muslim, moga di tahun baru ni kita dapat tingkatkan apa yang tak meningkat-ningkat tu.. :)

Berbalik pada tajuk entry 'IPAD 2', belum sepat aku main-main, godek-godek, godam-godam IPAD dah nak keluar IPAD 2 yang dijangka pada suku pertama 2011. Cepat betul Apple ni keluarkan barang baru. Aku bukanlah seorang die-hard-fan Apple, tapi aku memang suka tengok barang-barang yang Apple hasilkan. So, ni artikel yang aku jumpa kat softpedia.com

A source that generally takes it upon itself to dish out Apple hardware rumors is reporting that “Foxconn Electronics' (Hon Hai Precision Industry’s) plants in Shenzhen, China have recently been notified they will ship Apple's iPad 2 within the next 100 days.”

In fact, Mac maker’s entire range of upstream component partners have all been notified of this shipments schedule, the source reports.

According to industry publication DigiTimes, initial shipments are to reach 400,000-600,000 units, which corroborates an earlier report from the source saying that suppliers would ramp up shipments of iPad 2 components in the first quarter of 2011.

Citing sources from Taiwan-based component makers, Digitimes reveals that “iPad 2 will ship as soon as the end of February in 2011”, and that Foxconn declined to comment on rumors regarding its products or clients.

There’s more. Apparently, Apple was planning to launch its next-generation tablet ahead of the one-year cycle, “but because the device's firmware is currently still in testing, Apple has been postponing the schedule,” the Taiwan sources reportedly indicated.

The publication also concludes that Apple’s iPad 2 will be mainly supplied by its Shenzhen plants, since Foxconn's new plants in Chengdu are still in pilot production.

According to the same publication, November saw Apple tap Taiwan supplier Largan Precision to provide the camera lens in the second-generation iPad.

As Foxconn, Largan Precision declined to comment on market rumors at the time. The report, however, mentioned that Largan will be the sole lens module supplier for Apple's upcoming iPad 2 “with shipments to kick off in the first quarter of 2011.”

The information reportedly stemmed from a company filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). Adding credence to the rumor, Largan is also known to be supplying the lens modules for Apple’s iPhone 4.

In another report, the same source also informed that Apple had contracted Qualcomm  to provide the baseband chips for its upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 2.

Source: softpedia


Orang Jepun terkenal dengan kreativiti diorang. Kadang-kadang tak terfikir kita walaupun benda tu benda yang biasa. Mungkin beberapa tahun lagi model fesyen susah nak dapat job, bila semua orang boleh gunakan teknologi masa kini seperti GOOGLE..  :)



Cuti sem yang berbahagia ni aku mulakan dengan review wayang dulu. Ikut plan nak tengok movie warrior's way. Sampai je kat GSC, tengok screen 'next show' takda la pulak. Alang-alang dah beratur kena la beli. Pastu ternampak la pulak NARNIA. Apalagi, beli la tiket. 3D punya maa... 1st time masuk hall 3D yang baru kat tingkat 10. Dalam hati aku cakap "bukan ke dia tayang 9 Dec ni??" Balik rumah, bukak website GSC baru perasan " 2 December 2010 (3D) & 9 December 2010".. hehe..

Bagi aku sequel kali ni best macam sequel yang lepas. Cuma jalan cerita dia macam kejap je rase.. Tapi tak tau la.. Perasaan aku je kot.. So ni sinopsis yang aku copy dari website GSC

Release Date: 2 December 2010 (3D) & 9 December 2010
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Running Time: 1 Hour 59 Minutes
Director: Michael Apted
Cast: Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Ben Barnes, Eddie Izzard, Liam Neeson, Will Poulter.

Synopsis: Return to the magic and wonder of C.S. Lewis' beloved world - via the fantastic Narnian ship, the Dawn Treader. In this new installment of the blockbuster "The Chronicles of Narnia" motion picture franchise, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, along with their cousin Eustace and their royal friend King Caspian, find themselves swallowed into a painting and on to the Dawn Treader. As they embark on an incredible adventure of destiny and discovery, they confront obstacles beyond imagination.

p/s: ade je orang nak condemn aku tengok cerita ni. kata aku bazir duit tengok yang 3D la.. bukan aku guna duit diorang pon..


Aku mula suka kat YUI bila dengar lagu Tokyo & Life beberapa tahun lepas. Salah satu sebab aku suka giler dia, sebab dia pandai main gitar & alat-alat muzik yang lain. Tengok muka dia pon dah nampak dia ni tak sombong (agaknya). Kalau nak tau lebih lanjut pasal YUI, klik kat sini. Tapi bukan kisah cinta aku dengan YUI aku nak share kat entry kali ni. Aku nak share pasal album (single kot) baru dia bertajuk RAIN yang baru di'launch' pada 24 November 2010 lepas.

So, ni sedikit info pasal album tu:
  • Title: Rain
  • Artist: YUI
  • Genre: Ballad
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release Date: 2010.11.24



01. Rain
02. a room
03. How crazy ~YUI Acoustic Version~
04. Rain ~Instrumental~


* download selagi available kat internet